We provide the following services

Floor sanding

We do floor sanding for both new and old timber floors, even timber floors with glue on their surface.  Though some glue stains may be difficult, we always find a way round it.

Bays Floor Sanding Job Techniques:

  • The use of abrasive papers to remove previous coverings.
  • We ensure the floor is smooth and flat.
  • The large smoothers are used across the timber surface
  • Effective scrutiny to know the state of the old boards.
  • Application of caution in order not to cause damages to good old boards while sanding
Floor Polishing

We are expert in polishing of the new surface or re-polishing of old parquets which is always fantastic on the coated floors, provided no other polishing product has been applied after it was coated.

Carpet and Staples Pulling

We offer carpet and staples pulling services and removal of any impediment or property.  We also ensure that nail and knot holes with gaps at the end of boards are properly filled.

Supply and  lay of  Hardwood Flooring

We can supply and lay your new hardwood Flooring.


Urethane Modified Oil
This is a natural finishing usually last for six years.  This can be recoated without sanding it again, provided the complete covering is still there.  This type of coating usually saves cost.

Monthane Polyurethane
This coating is stronger than Urethane Modified Oil.  It is expected to last for 10 years before needing recoating. It has to be sanded again to bare wood before any other coating can be done.

These coating products are usually in a satin and gloss finish.  The depreciation of these coatings depends on
the traffic and the maintenance.

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