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Bays Floor Sanding is a professional Sanding Company and was originally started in May 2005 by the now retired Mr Alan Thorley. I was taught by Alan to be a floorsander and subsequently trained to run the business over a period of 5 yrs from Jan 2012 to Jan 2017.  

As a team, you are working with professionals with cumulative experience of 30 years in floor sanding.  We have a pool of professionals who conduct sanding and coating examination to know the extent of your floor damage before a quote.

Sanding and coating of timber floor is a skill we acquired over the years.  It is important to note that the work is done by hand-controlled-machines and other applicators operated by our professionals in order not to damage the floorboards.

As a sanding company, we always put our clients first and see ourselves in their shoes.  Our motivation comes from the quality of service rendered to our customers and the feedbacks we got from them.  We do a free quote, to be complemented with detailed information on the work to be done.

We do not service our clients and forget them, we contact them often to receive feedbacks on the job done and this has been our practice over the years and it has helped us tremendously in improving the quality of service delivery.

Our coating will definitely enhance the look of your home for many years, just maintain it properly.  We are always proactive, prompt and reliable! 
You will be glad you chose Bays Floor Sanding and Polishing..


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