What should I do before sanding begins?

All fittings in the house should be done prior to any work on the floor.
All floor coverings, clips and furniture should be removed before sanding begins.

What are the precautions during and after sanding?

To avoid coating rejection, you should not allow silicone based products to come in contact with the floor between the sanding and coating period.

Can we hang around during the sanding?

There is a need for an alternative accommodation until the sanding jobs are concluded.

Will all the board gaps be blocked?

The gaps between the boards will not be filled to allow for future shrinking and expansion.

Will every cut during sanding be removed?

Sanding and polishing do not remove deep cuts or slashes in the boards.

When is it safe to walk on the newly coated floor?

Newly coated floor is usually safe to walk on with socks in 8 hours, subject to drying conditions.

How long does it take for a sanded floor to be fully ready to use?

A newly coated floor will fully hardened in two weeks. Please, do not drag furniture across the floor. You can only lay rugs after this two-week period.

How soon can a re-sanding be required?

Sanding usually last for years, it all depends on traffic on the floor and maintenance culture.

When can sanding be done again?

It is advisable to do sanding before the floor worn out and this will save you some cost.

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